Frequently Asked Questions About The Futures Group


On this page we have compiled answers to some of the common questions we receive about our consulting services and related topics. FAQ:


1. What is it that you do?

We are a HR and management consulting company that helps organisations build the performance, capacity and engagement of their people.

We all understand that people ultimately determine the success of an organisation's strategy however the challenge is to focus on what the organisation needs to do, to be successful, and to engage employees in the process. 


2. But what is it really that you do?

We work with leaders facing challenges, such as;

  • Increasing staff productivity and performance;
  • Building a culture of accountability;
  • Developing a high performance culture to support the business strategy;
  • Restructuring the organisation to adapt to change or streamline functions;
  • Helping the executive team agree on the organisation’s strategy or direction;
  • Succession planning;
  • Organisational restructures to meet changing business needs;
  • Recruiting the right leaders through targeted search and recruitment strategies;
  • How to engage and motivate their staff to support the business strategy;
  • Resolving a workplace grievance.


3. How long does it take?

We start by working with an organisation to clarify your vision and goals, identify barriers to effective performance and ultimately the bottom line. We partner with you to problem solve and we adopt a pragmatic approach that is focused on creating solutions for your unique needs. Our approach is very consultative to ensure we establish a clear and agreed way of working and as well an action plan and time table to move forward. As the implementation of change is the most difficult aspect for most organisations we partner with you to support and monitor the achievement of goals.

As most organisations struggle with the implementation of change we support you to implement the required changes and engage staff in the process. 


4. How have you developed your approach?

The Futures Group’s services are based on the fundamental belief that organisations, teams and individuals are capable of reaching considerably higher and achieving much more than they believe themselves. When an organisation/team operates to High Performance capability they can be expected to consistently exceed the expectations of all major stakeholder categories against measurable criteria. They are profitable, productive, innovative, and agile – on a sustainable basis.

Our approach is based on the premise that everything we do should in some way add to an organisations capacity to achieve a High Performance Culture and we have identified from academic and industry research the essential elements of a high performance. The four key elements or integrated steps to implement change to achieve high performance and build the culture are as follows:

  • Defining a clear goal (strategic and business);
  • Clarifying performance expectations;
  • Defining values in behavioural terms;
  • Holding leaders and staff accountable.


5. What sets you apart from other consultants?

Our point of difference is our ability to support organisations to implement strategy and embed a new way of working on the ground so that what is done on a day to day basis reflects the organisational goals and can be measured.

Problem identification and planning although often complex are easier that implementing organisational change. Most organisations struggle when implementing change. This is what we are especially good at.


6. Who do you work with within the organisation? - the entire organisation?

We start our work at the executive level to ensure that all the executive team have a clear and consistent understanding of their vision and key goals. Through the various stages of the process will work with the management group as well as employees to obtain their feedback and engage them in the process. The implementation of the approach intended to generate results for our clients that take place throughout the organisation together with all employees. The Futures Group is a partner for your entire organization, we work not only with management but with all the employees, to ensure the results created are owned and embedded in t new way of working across the entire organisation.


7. What experience do you have with our business area?

Our experience spans many industries and workplaces, but our focus is always the same. Our HR consulting approach delivers the most appropriate, strategic and practical people solutions for your company’s unique needs. We work across small to medium sized companies, Councils and Shires, the Not –for –Profit sector and Government organisations


8. What are the backgrounds of your consultants?

Each of our professional staff members has the highest professional qualifications and strong commercial backgrounds.  The firm’s consulting team have between them a wide range of complementary skills designed to provide clients with access to the breadth and depth of expertise and experience necessary to meet client’s diverse requirements.  


9. What is your approach to staff engagement?

Companies who invest significantly in improving employee involvement in the workplace can see very high levels of employee engagement as a result.  They are also more likely to have higher employee retention rates.

Some specific areas of employee engagement make the most difference between those companies with improved employee retention and those with declining retention.  Trust in senior leadership, alignment with strategic goals, and feeling valued, are the areas that consistently made the biggest difference for employees who feel they work for an engaged organisation.  In contrast, for employees who feel they work for an un-engaged organization, trust with co-workers and job satisfaction are the two areas that consistently made the biggest difference.

When employees are engaged with an engaged organisation, their main concerns have to do with issues centered on the organisation itself:  the leadership team and their vision, making a contribution, and professional development opportunities.  However, when an employee works for an organisation they consider to be unengaged with its employees, they are likewise unengaged – they are concerned only with issues centered on self-interest, such as job satisfaction and trust with their co-workers.

The Futures Group works with each organisation to ensure the fundamentals required to underpin employee engagement are in place then we consider the unique needs of the organisation by gathering feedback through interviews, staff engagement surveys, analysis of data such as staff turnover. Depending on the issues identified a range of tools and approaches can be used including leadership coaching, action learning initiatives and others. 


10. What are your payment terms?

The Futures Group can tailor a fee structure to suit the job to be done.


Hourly or Daily rates

We can work on an hourly or day rate depending on the nature of the work.


Project Basis

Once we have understood your requirements, we can prepare a proposal with a timeline, deliverables and a budget.

This structure is particularly appropriate for a defined project with specific outcomes to be achieved.  Given the nature of the work we do if there are any changes to the project scope due unforeseen issues of complexities, a variation would be discussed before the additional work is done so you clear at all times about the project scope and budget.



For longer-term or on-going support, a retainer structure is a very cost-effective way of securing the experience and resources you need without having to employ a senior, full time staff member.



Where our work includes any administrative aspects such as the coordination of surveys, booking project interviews or other associated activities you are only charged at a lower administrative rate.


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