Workforce Development

Workforce Development: Organisational, Team, Individual

Our model of organisational development is through an organisations workforce and it forms the basis of our strategy and reflects the strong evidence base that link excellent workforce capability with excellent organisational capabilitity and higher levels of staff experience with higher level of client stake holder experience.

If organisations develop their staff to be the best they can be within a supportive but accountable leadership culture then, wider organisational improments will follow.


PRINT® (Predictive Insight Tool)

PRINT is the next evolution of traditional profiling tools in that it seeks to identify not just what we do (behaviours) but why we do them (motivators). When we understand why we engage in certain behaviours, both positive and negative, it allows us to develop more effective strategies and approaches to deal with them at both the individual and team level.

Certified PRINT® Coach.

Benefits -PRINT®

  • Builds emotional intelligence and performance to support personal transformation through greater self-awareness and strategies to change;
  • Builds high performance teams, through a greater understanding of the motivations of others to build cohesion and a language to heighten awareness and power constructive change;
  • Helps create an engaged workforce;
  • Provides a platform for sustainable change to build the organisational culture;
  • Provides insights to select exceptional talent.

PRINT and 360

The next step in the process is the PRINT 360 survey-it is a PRINT®-specific, fifty question proprietary feedback instrument built on the 25 Best Self behaviours and 25 Shadow behaviours that appear in your why of You PRINT® Report. The survey solicits candid (and anonymous) input from the people you work and/or interact with, about how frequently or infrequently they observe you exhibiting the 50 behaviours. A self-assessment is part of the Best Self Survey process to compare your personal perceptions with those of others.

Composite Profiles are provided for teams, departments, business units, programs, brands etc. These composites measure and track aggregate Best Self and Shadow behaviours for the entity to help measure cultural change.

The Best Self Survey is administered at repeated intervals to measure change over time as there:

  • is a statistically significant correlation between Shadow behaviour and job performance: the more Shadow behavior, the poorer the performance
  • is also a statistically significant correlation between Best Self behavior and job performance: the more Best Self behaviour, the better the performance.


It allows you to track how you are progressing and differs from other 360 tools as it is based on your unique profile. This aspect of PRINT® is what makes it so unique and valuable ‐ there is an opportunity for growth and transformation regarding one’s PRINT® specific behaviours.

Management and Leadership Development - Coaching

We adopt a structured approach and executive coaching model comprising the 5-Stage process outlined above.

Leadership coaching is a solution-focused approach to assisting individuals or teams to draw on their strengths and perform at their best. Our coaches work with individuals to broaden their perspectives, increase their self awareness and craft strategies that will work for them in their particular environment.

Engaging a coach to work with your people can produce excellent results. A discussion between an individual, their manager and an executive coach can assist in defining clear objectives for coaching which meet individual development needs and align with organisational need and strategic direction. While coaching conversations between coach and a leader provide confidentiality for the leader, an agreed accountability framework will ensure a focus on outcomes and action.

We use a range of instruments and tools to support the process including:

  • PRINT® (Predictive Insight Tool)
  • PRINT® - 360
  • 360 Feedback Surveys
  • The Work Personality Index- Leadership
  • Work Personality Index
  • EQ Testing
  • Hogan leadership suite


Our coaching solutions are focused on empowering leaders to:

  • plan and manage their own careers,
  • set highly tailored goals based on their objectives, values and motivational drivers;
  • understand their key motivations, strengths, areas for development and strategies to manage their emotions;
  • develop their self awareness through direct, objective and respectful feedback within a confidential and safe environment, thus enhancing the capacity of leaders to see themselves as others see them;

Remote Online Coaching

The Futures Group is pleased to be able to offer online coaching via interactive online video conferencing.

Workforce Development Planning

Workforce Development planning is a process of identifying the workforce capacity and capability your organisation needs to meet its objectives, now and into the future. It needs to be incorporated into your organisation’s business and financial planning processes. It also needs to be informed by strategic and business plans at an organisational and business unit level.

A Workforce Development Plan sets out the strategic Human Resources (HR) priorities that will enable your organisation to identify and meet workforce) capability needs and deliver organisational performance outcomes. Workforce planning is an active and continuous process and plans will need to be reviewed at least annually. A Workforce Development Plan is as a standalone strategic workforce document with the plan’s initiatives addressing the key pillars of an organisations Strategic Plan.

Focusing on the number of employees alone does not tell you about your organisation’s ability to achieved its organisational goals and outcomes.


A workforce plan provides a strategic basis for making human resource decisions. Some of the benefits of WFP include: the ability to identify more effective and efficient use of people at work. enabling effective planning in relation to the capabilities and demographics of the workforce to ensure business continuity.

Embedding Organisational Values and Behaviours

An organisation’s values and behaviours are a key driver in defining a high performance organisational culture. We work closely with our clients to help develop the values and behaviours that will support their goals by setting standards for staff behaviour and performance and embedding the culture in the organisation.

Workshops and consultation engage staff in behaviour standards for which they can hold each other accountable. We also help you embed the values and behaviours by integrating them in your vision, recruitment, training, and performance management and development processes.

Developing a high performance, values-aligned culture requires three integrated steps.

  1. Clarify performance expectations.
  2. Define values in behavioural terms.
  3. Hold leaders and staff accountable.


We take the value statements “off the wall” and make them actionable by clearly defining in behavioural terms so they are understood by all staff and they are embedded in job descriptions, recruitment processes and performance reviews.

Staff are engaged in the process to achieved practical and workable standards for which they can hold each other accountable.

Training and support is provided to managers to give constructive feedback and have difficult conversations with staff when required.

Performance Management, Development and Accountability

Individual and team performance management and development are powerful tools to communicate your business strategy to staff, give them a clear understanding of their job and its requirements – and support them in achieving their goals – and yours.

Where performance is not up to scratch, we can help you effectively manage or improve it. Performance management is a cycle that enables the organisation to get better results from its teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework.
Performance improvement won’t happen without accountability. It relies on the accountability attitudes, practices, and systems that are in place in an organisation.

Our HR consulting team in Perth help leaders define and measure the results that they hold themselves and others accountable to deliver and we help develop Key Performance Indicators and cascade and embed them in the organisation by incorporating them into the performance management system and Individual Performance Agreements.

To clarify roles and responsibilities a RACI Framework is used to define levels of accountability and responsibility at all levels of the organisation or team, and across all aspects of a project or change management process.
RACI - Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed –= four levels of ‘answerability’.


  • A performance management system is developed (or reviewed) to enable an ongoing evaluation of how an organisation is working at all levels, toward its goals.
  • The system is clear and easy to use and executives/managers have the skills to have meaningful conversations and address poor performance constructively, if required.
  • Jobs are clearly defined, performance and behavioural standards are clear and employee skills, confidence and career prospects are developed.
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