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The Futures Group Workplace Investigators conduct investigations into workplace misconduct. This includes codes of conduct breaches, bullying, sexual harassment, nepotism, fraud and discrimination and other misconduct matters

Our consultants are experienced in complex investigations and we offer the expertise to consider a range of organisational culture, change management, development and training needs that may be contributing to workforce claims and breaches.

The Futures Group always works to apply the principle that for the allegation to be upheld it must stand the civil standard of proof test.  This means for an allegation to be substantiated the evidence must establish that it is more probable than not. Therefore, the investigation outcome must be supported. However, where this is not possible and there are other organisational issues that are cited this will be mentioned and the impact explained.

We are experienced in working with oversight bodies, including the Public Sector Commission of WA, State Solicitors Office. Equal Opportunity Commission, WorkSafe, and relevant Ombudsman’s officers, to ensure our clients’ requirements for reporting and compliance in such complex matters are adhered to.

Our investigators are very focused on working to put all parties at ease and to feel supported in this process to minimise stress.


There are many benefits to outsourcing to an independent specialist:

  • Decreased perception of bias
  • An objective assessment is undertaken
  • A focused approach leading to a faster outcome
  • Specialist knowledge and experience
  • Less of a time burden
  • Ongoing support and advice post investigation.

Workplace Inquiry and Assessments

An inquiry or preliminary assessment maybe used to inform what is the most appropriate course of action to take. Often poor workplace dynamics can be a key issue which need to be addressed through relevant training, mediation or performance management.


Appropriate action may be undertaken that avoids the situation escalating to a formal investigation.

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