Change Management- Large Country Shire Council

The Futures Group TFG conducted a thorough review of the Shire’s current service delivery models and identified opportunities for;

  • Improvements in the services and activities that the Shire provides;
  • Realignment of the Shire’s services to stakeholder’s needs;
  • Service level optimisation;
  • Improved efficiency, resource usage and the ongoing sustainability of service delivery; and;
  • Realigning of services within the financial capacity of the Shire.

Interviews were conducted with the Councillors, Council Management and staff to gather feedback and other quantitative organisational data was obtained to support the findings and recommendations.

Following a verbal presentation and a comprehensive report TFG was asked to run a series of planning and development workshops implementing the Balanced Score Card to support future planning. High Performance team workshops were also conducted incorporating feedback and discussion from individual and team PRINT ® work to support individual and team development and resistance to deal with change.